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Your source for sample packs from another era. Deep house, classic house, tech house, jungle, UKG. We got it.

Our sample packs are modern made with classic hardware (no software or VSTS here!), to give you that old school sound. Want to know more about how our packs are made?: Click here.

Our hardware stock includes classics like: Akai S3000xl, Roland JV-1080, Kawai K1r, Korg Wavestation A/D, and the Yamaha TX81z. For processing we go back even further with classic outboard FX such as the Alesis Midiverb II and Roland SDE-330 dimensional space delay. For classic technique we run all audio through a vintage Mackie CR1604 for that crunchy 90s sound. Our stock is always updating as we hunt down classics to create our sample packs with.

DJ Bobby Light ยท take em to church

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